Goals and activities of the LAG

Fields of LAG activities include sustainable development, arts and culture, human rights, international cooperation, education, science and research and environmental protection.

LAG Activities

  1. Creating of the local development strategy for the LAG area
  2. Developing the partnerships between the public, private and civil sector
  3. Planning, creating and leading projects related to development of the area and applying to national and international funds as well as applying to calls for proposal from local and regional governments, ministries and other donors
  4. Developing a program of national and international cooperation and involvement in the work of all institutions dealing with rural development
  5. Education and participation in national and international conferences, workshops, seminars, public forums and meetings
  6. Publishing activities according with special regulation in order to achieve the objectives of the association
  7. Cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and abroad
  8. Organising of study visits
  9. Organising of public forums, panel discussions, campaigns, workshops, exhibitions and fairs to achieving the objectives of the association and the local development strategy
  10. Other activities in accordance with the Act and the objectives of the association