Cooperation and networks


LAG The Valleys and Hills of Medjimurje is a member of three rural development networks: The Croatian Rural Development Network, The LEADER Network Croatia and The Rural Development Network.

The Croatian Rural Development Network is a network of associations which is promoting a sustainable development of the Croatian rural areas. Its members use common actions, networking, partnerships and knowledge transfer in order to improve the conditions for a complete development and a quality life in rural areas. Field of activity of this network are:

  • advocacy of rural community interests
  • members and rural holders networking and informing
  • education and experience and knowledge exchange
  • organisational development.

The LEADER Network Croatia is a national non-government association of LAGs and supporting rural develpoment institutions of exclusively public and civil sector that work on a national level and give a professional help to LAGs and their members. It was founded by an initiative of 20 LAGs and 7 institutions in Karlovac, on April 12th 2012.

The Rural Development Network was founded by The Ministry of Agriculture in 2011, and its goal is to enhance the holders inclusion into the rural development, to increase the quality of the rural development programme, to inform the wider public and potential users about the rural development policy, to encourage the inovations in agriculture, and to promote the cooperation between individuals and organisations included into rural development.