Sub-measures 19.2., 19.3. and 19.4. of The Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia 2014 – 2020

PRR2Based on the final Decision on the selection of the LAG and the conclusion of a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture in February 2017, LAG Međimurski doli i bregi was allocated with the funds in the amount of 10.170.580,14 HRK for the implementation of Sub-measure 19.2, Sub-measure 19.3. and Sub-measure 19.4.

Sub-measure 19.2. “The implementation of operations within CLLD strategy”

The LAG will announce tenders and make project selection in accordance with the Local Development Strategy of the LAG and the Rural Development Program 2014-2020. A detailed workflow of implementation and call for tenders will be defined by special acts and the LAG Local Development Strategy Implementation Plan. The first call for proposals by the LAG is expected, depending on the decisions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Paying Agency, during 2017.

Eligible users are selected LAGs and project holders, i.e. each subject submitting an application to the project selection and is directly responsible for the start, management, implementation and results and which has a permanent residence or is registered or has a branch office within the area of the selected LAG.


Sub-measure 19.3. “Preparation and implementation of cooperation LAG”

This sub-measure refers to the development and implementation of LAG cooperation projects that are defined in the Local Development Strategy. There are two types of operations under this sub-measure: 19.3.1. ”Preparation of LAG cooperation activities” and 19.3.2. ”Implementation LAG cooperation activities”.


Sub-measure 19.4. “Running costs and animation”

Sub-measure 19.4. refers to the current costs and LAG operation, animation and educational and promotional activities of the LAG for the period 2016 – 2023.