opcina_nedelisceNedelišće district is the largest district in Međimurje (area 58,33 km2) located between the two largest cities in the north Croatia, Čakovac and Varaždin. According to the census from 2011, it has 12 028 people in eleven villages.

From the south,Nedelišće is rounded by the river Drava and its accumulation lake. On the northwest begins rolling landscape of upper Međimurje. Many villages border with Slovenia on the west and many  important international road and rail routes are passing. These routes are a bridge from central Europe to the inside of Croatia and to the Adriatic Sea and southern Europe.

Nedelišće district is known for the oldest railway line, one of the first printing press in Croatia from the period of Zrinski, preserved cultural heritage and long – lasting event “Međimurske popevke”, nurturing and promoting ancient crafts (decorated old smithy, “cekari”, coopers, …), attractive natural sites of accumulation lake, from landscaped ponds, forests and walkway to the protected sycamores which is a monument of landscape architecture…..

Tourist office Nedelišće has an extremely large number of active associations that enrich the calendar of events in all villages. Entrepreneurship fair in Međimurje gathers entrepreneurs, farmers, and pastoralists from Croatia and other countries for a several days fair event. Parallel to this event, some other fairs have been emerged and specialized and they are held throughout the year. With kindergarten “Zvončić” and Elementary school Nedelišće, the fair hall MESAP Ltd., the National Gymnastic Center “Aton” with great multi – purpose hall and a specialized gymnasium is built in the northern part of Nedelišće. There are also tennis courts and football field with supporting facilities and of Sports- recreation centre “Trate” Nedelišće.

Villages: Črečan, Dunjkovec, Gornji Hrašćan, Gornji Kuršanec, Macinec, Nedelišće, Parag, Pretetinec, Pušćine, Slakovec, Trnovec


M. Tita 1, 40305 Nedelišće

Telephone: 040 821 107

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M. Tita 1, 40305 Nedelišće

Tel/fax 040/822 671