Sv. Martin na Muri


Općina Sveti Martin na Muri This district is located in the valley between the northern hills and Međimurje vineyards towards the river Mura. According to the census from 2011, the district has 2 605 residents on the area of 25,25 km2.

Sv. Martin na Muri district is an area where the river Mura enters the national territory of the Republic of Croatia and slowly turns into perialpine. Consequently, two types of terrain can be clearly distinguished; valley – the northern part of the district and hills – the southern part of the district. The district is characterized by moderately fresh continental climate. The northern part of the natural environment is protected landscape of the river Mura. On the edge of river vegetation developed landscape with interesting patterns arable distribution and villages alongside the river course.

The fact that Sv. Martin na Muri recently was the economic appendix of Međimurje, has just favored the high level of conservation of nature. The proclamation of the river Mura as a protected landscape is an additional momentum to the development plans of whole district is to preserve the existing resources and their use on the naturally sustainable way.

All these characteristics are good preconditions for the development of tourism, beach tourism, eco tourism, organic food production, horticulture, viticulture and landscaping area along the Mura. The carrier of the tourist development of the area is Spa & Sport St. Martin with the majority of accommodation capacity.

Villages: Brezovec, Čestijanec, Gornji Koncovčak, Gradiščak, Grkavešćak, Jurovčak, Jurovec, Kapelščak, Lapšina, Marof, Sv. Martin na Muri, Vrhovljan and Žabnik


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