Sv. Juraj na Bregu


Općina Sveti Juraj na BreguAccording to geographical features, St. Juraj na Bregu district is on the edge of the southern and southeastern part of the upper Međimurje. Its area is 30,17 km2, and it has 5 090 inhabitants. Gentle slopes and plateaus dominate in the southern and eastern part of the district, while steeper slopes extend northward.

The attractive and picturesque landscape (rugged terrain configuration), wooded areas, breathtaking vistas (especially those in the south) are an attractive element in the selection of area for housing of local and immigrant population in this area, which is also a direct result of constant growth of the population.

St. Juraj na Bregu is one of the most densely populated districts in Međimurje County with 164,3 inhabitants per square kilometer. It has borders with seven Međimurje districts and is named after the famous Christian martyr St. Juraj, which is screened on the emblem of the district.

Villages: Brezje, Dragoslavec, Frkanovec, Lopatinec, Mali Mihaljevec, Okrugli vrh, Pleškovec, Vučetinec, Zasadbreg


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