opcina_strigovaŠtrigova is a district in Međimurje County in the north Croatia. It is located 19 kilometers northwest of the County center Čakovec and approximately two kilometers southeast of crossing the Slovenian border in Razkrižje.

According to the population census from 2011, the district has 2766 inhabitants. The whole area is very hilly and that is why it is often called the upper Međimurje. Štrigova itself is located at an altitude of 202 meters. The highest point in the district is on the hill named Kalec (341 m).

The first documents about the existence of Štrigova are from 13th century, but the most important objects have been built between 15th and 18th centuries. These objects include the Church of St. Jeronim and Church Marija Magdalena, which is the main church in the local parish. The Church of St. Jeronim was restored by famous painter Ivan Ranger in 1749, after the previous chapel, which was built in the 15th century, was completely destroyed by an earthquake in the 1738.

There are two historic castles in the district. Castle Banfi in Banfi was built by Count Banffy in 1373. The castle Tkalec, located on the hill Kalec in Robadje place, which was according to the legend build by the local Paulines in the 18th century. This area is perfect for growing grapes in the vineyards, so the whole district Štrigova is known for its wine production. Štrigova has a large wine cellar. There are also many private cellars in the district. The fruit growing and livestock production is also represented.

Villages: Banfi, Grabrovnik, Jalšovec, Leskovec, Prekopa, Robadje, Stanetinec, Sv.Urban, Štrigova and Železna Gora



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