opcina_senkovecŠenkovec is located in the central part of the Međimurje County and covers the area of 9,18 km2. It is the third smallest local government unit in Međimurje County, forming 1,26 percent of total of the County. The district was formed in 1997. According to the census from 2011, the district has a population of 2879 and the density is 313,6 inhabitants / km2.

The local government is situated in the village Šenkovec, and the local council is in the village Knezovec.

The district has a new modern kindergarten “Vrapčić”, a primary school, a new sports hall with resettled football field, the building called “Old school” where the management board of local government is situated.

Public library is situated in the same building. There is a department of pulmology of the county hospital Čakovec in the Ksajpe area which will operate in the same area until moving to Čakovec. District Šenkovec has also the Chapel of St. Trinity, located in Šenkovec, the Chapel of St. Florian, located in Knezovec and a Rectory church under construction in Šenkovec. In the district there is also a registered heritage monument Chapel of St. Jelena.

Villages: Knezovec and Šenkovec


Josipa Bedekovića 11, Šenkovec, 40000 Čakovec

Tel: 040/ 343 – 250

Fax: 040/ 343 -750