opcina_selnicaIn all villages in the district system live 2991 inhabitants on 25,01 km2. The district is situated at the end of the eastern Alps in the Pannonian Plain, which includes valleys and hills.

Transport connections between villages and other places in the area are good. On the hills are many unpaved roads that connect slopes covered with vineyards and orchards. District also has many unused opportunities for the development of rural tourism.

Due to a specific geographical location, the population is mainly in agriculture and service trades. About 20 major agricultural farms operate in the district and they are engaged in livestock, fruits, vegetables and wine production. There are also many small farmers for whom this is a complementary activity.

Villages: Selnica, Donji Koncovčak, Zaveščak, Bukovec, Praporčan, Merhatovec, Plešivica, Zebanec Selo,the Donji Zebanec and Gornji Zebanec.


Jelačićev trg 4, 40314 SELNICA

Telephone: +385 40 861 344

Fax: +385 40 861 891