Gornji Mihaljevec


opcina_gornji_mihaljevecGornji Mihaljevec district is located in the western part of Međimurje county. It borders with districts Štrigova, Nedelišće, St. Juraj na Bregu. In the far west, in the length of 5 km, the border of district coincides with the state border to Republic of Slovenia. The district has 1917 inhabitants living on 32,15 km2.

In economic sense this area has been largely focused on neighboring Slovenia for decades – from transport of goods and from employment to education. According to the assessment of landscape values of county area, area of upper Međimurje has the character of a particularly valuable area, to which the territory of the district of Gornji Mihaljevec entirely belongs.

The hilly area, consisting of the final slopes of the Alps, makes this smaller part of the county, completely different from the remaining part – from the landscape and natural features to the specificity of human activity and typologies of population.

Villages in the district are mostly built on the junction of forest roads or on free land beside the Counts lodge. The legend says that Gornji Mihaljevec has been named after a forester Mihalj. In 1789 Gornji Mihaljevec obtained the status of the parish, and the wooden chapel was replaced with brick church of St. Catherine. Since then, Gornji Mihaljevec is the centre of religious economic, administrative and cultural life of the region.

Villages: Badličan, Bogdanovec, Dragoslavec Breg, Dragoslavec Selo, Gornja Dubrava, Gornji Mihaljevec, Martinuševec, Preseka, Prhovec, Tupkovec, Vugrišinec and Vukanovec


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