opcina_strahoninecStrahoninec district is located in the southern part of the Međimurje county. It borders to the town Čakovec from south, east and north and from west and south with the district Nedelišće. This district has one independent village – Strahoninec.

Strahoninec district covers an area of 8,35 km2 and is the second smallest unit of local governments in the county, forming 1,15 percent of total surface. The municipality has 2682 inhabitants.

Strahoninec was first mentioned in written historical sources in 1488 as a village Sztrahoninc.

Strahoninec was declared an independent district on May 17th in 1997 as a spin – out part of the city Čakovec.

Village: Strahoninec


Dravska 1, 40000 Strahoninec

Telephone: 040 333 088

Fax: 040 333 341