Association “Local Action Group Međimurski doli i bregi” is a civil society organization founded as a non – government, non – profit and non – political association based on LEADER principles, principles of equality, solidarity and humanity. We gather citizens, local government, civil society organizations, private organizations and others organizations in order to promote sustainable rural development and initiate the interest for the development of local areas which are members of the association “Local Action Group “Međimurski doli i bregi”.

The association was founded on October 22nd in 2012 at the Inaugural Meeting in The Municipality of St. Juraj na Bregu.  31 founders attended the meeting.

LAG connects representatives of the public, private and civil sector from thirteen municipalities and one city in the western and central part of the Međimurje County; Gornji Mihaljevec, Nedelišće, Selnica, Strahoninec, St. Juraj na Bregu, St. Martin na Muri, Šenkovec, Štrigova, Mursko Središće, Podturen, Domašinec, Belica, Pribislavec and Mala Subotica. The purpose of LAG is the establishment of partnership among all sectors and connect all development activities and projects in the LAG area.

Local Action Group has an area of 404,72 km² and a population of 56 384 living in 91 settlements.